Christianity and Islam: Held apart by dogmas “God will bring us together”

From the introduction, the cardinal objective is to bridge the gap of misunderstanding between Muslims and Christians as a necessary knowledge platform for improved peace and avoiding unnecessary conflicts. This is approached by comparing Islam as a religion with Christianity as a religion, hinting on the standard link that should be appreciated by all – that both are offshoots of the nuclear faith of Abraham.

In this work, the Author has profoundly provided a foundation for the universal understanding of what religion ought to be. The wealth and depth of this is however inevitably informed by Islam. The work presents a beautiful definition from philosophy to Sufisim (Mysticism) and in fact to Zuhdu (self-restraint).

In the body of the work, I find his attempt to be fair to both parties, and distant from prejudices. I appreciate that his attempt is evidently more than good. My impression here may not be strongly right because I have always avoided the subject of comparative religion. Under Common Heritage, the buildup of the revelation of God himself to Mankind and the guidance for success through numerous messengers is well presented and fitting.

I consider the book suitable for academics, for schools and for the enlightenment of Muslims on the consistent message of the unity of Allah to Mankind. And Christians will appreciate what is necessarily common with Islam. Teachers and students of both faiths across all levels of schooling will gain by education and strengthening of faith for fulfilling life in a secular setting. I recommend it to all believers in and out of school for better appreciation of ourselves and discipline.

I, therefore, end with appreciation and thanking the Author for giving me the early opportunity to share in this painstaking mission. May Allah reward him for the beautiful and meaningful contribution.

 – Muhammad Sa’idu Jimada

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